Pride and Prejudice


84979I started reading this book without a specific reason. After reading only dry and boring books in law, I was just trying to pick a book that is classic and real literature. Hey, this Pride and Prejudice just laid comfortably in my Kindle. Why not it? I didn’t even take the consideration that Pride and Prejudice might be too “girly” or romantic for me.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be a truly great reading experience. I, a poor non-native English speaker, find the language there purely beautiful. For uncountable times during my reading, I put down my book (strictly my Kindle) to try to draw a similar sentence, when coming across admirable lines. Never more highlights were made by me at any other single book.

Obviously, Jane Austen is blessed with more than her ability to use elegant language. She is so good at delicately illustrating characters’ emotions and actions. How awkwardly Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth first met each other, and how they suppress their affection and still acted like strangers even after Mr. Darcy’s second proposal. Scenes after scenes kept on vividly flashed back after closing this book.

As to the story and character, I feel any serious review would greatly expose his/her understanding of love, which is somehow quite personal and private nowadays. For the same reason, enquiring thoughts about this book, presumably its being read by many, would certainly become one of my top topic choices when I really want to know someone.

Ok, enough for my brave adventure to write a review on it in English. Let’s go back to Chinese.



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