NYU LLM Life (7) APALSA and SBA election

Friday afternoon is definitely not the right time to study. Let’s scratch something about NYU LLM life again.


1. APALSA (yes, lawyers like to number everything). It stands for Asia Pacific American Law Student Association. I really like this student group. I have gone to several party/mixer organized by it, and met many super nice people there. There is only one time in my NYU life up to now that I ever had a dinner with someone I just met at a mixer. And that’s with some APALSA guys.

I feel the members there are generally far more interested in Asia and Asian students than other JDs. Some of them can still speak their Asian languages. Also, they are quite 团结. They’ve got some mentor/mentee system, to tell newcomers on how to select courses, how to bid, how to find a job, how to interview, everything you should know on how to survive law school. Although those advices are basically all JD-oriented, it is always good to know more about the law school even for LLMs, right? Besides, guys there are really cool. They are super smart, always have interesting stories to tell, and nice to foreigners.

In sum, this is a really good group. I really think all Asian LLMs should hang out more with them. Also, the mentor/mentee thing. Yes it is in principle for JDs, but ask to join. You may get your own mentor if you are lucky or have a good smile when talking to the person in charge.


2, SBA. It stands for Students Bar Association. It’s kinda 学生会 for law school students. Although I don’t know for sure what they do, seemingly it is a good networking place. However, however, it is not a easy job to get elected, at least more hard than I thought. LLM would have three representatives, but historical data shows that they are generally all Westerners. I bet you have to really party very hard to get to know everyone and then get elected. I thought I could get one post with votes from Chinese and Japanese students, but…… Maybe we should suppose accumulative voting system (Do you still remember it from your Corporation Law 101?) to make sure minority group could get their representatives.



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